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Our pickup locations are the same day, time and location each month and are noted at the time you join as well as available on our website.

We send a reminder out just prior to pickup each month, but email is not perfect.

We work hard
to raise Green-Fed™ beef, we feed them, water them, and move them from pasture to pasture. We then transport them to their appointment at the slaughterhouse and return a week or two later (after the beef has been dry aged) to transport the beef to Santa Fe Meats for processing (cutting, vaumm packaging and flash freezing). We then bring the meat to a special cold storage facility.

Finally, we bring
the coolers to the pickup locations. We do expect to see you at your pickup location. If you know in advance you can’t make a pick up, we ask that you take responsibility for finding someone else to pick up your share. If this is not possible, please provide notice to the CSA Administrator (CSA@sagemountainbeef.com) and we will reschedule your pickup for the following month. Your notice must be provided at least 48 hours ahead of distributions.

Under federal law
, we cannot restock the meat once it leaves the farm. Thus, if we bring your meat to a pickup location and you do not make the pick up, you your account will still be debited for the delivery.

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