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When you enroll in our Green-Fed™ Beef CSA you first need to decide on the length of your commitment (either 6 months or 12 months).

You then need to decide on the size that you feel best fits the needs of your family. The choices are:

  • Minimum Share (approximatly 5 lbs. per month).
  • Half Share (approximately 10 lbs. per month).
  • Full Share (approximately 20 lbs. per month).

You also need to select a specific Pick-up Location.

Once you have made the above decisions, the rest is fairly easy:

  • Go to our Online Store to make your payment (this automatically registers you as a member, and a subscriber to our monthly newsletter, "The Green-Fed Revolution").
  • Be sure to read and submit your acceptance of our CSA Membership Agreement.

Each month you will receive an email reminder to pickup your meat. You may arrive at your preferred Pick-up Location at any time during distribution. You will receive an insulated cooler with your share of freshly processed, hormone and antibiotic free, great tasting Green-Fed™ Beef and you return the empty cooler from the previous month.
All of our beef is flash frozen at the time of packaging (after dry aging) and we use our special Logo Coolers to protect the integrity of our meat until you defrost and enjoy it at home. (Most meat sold commercially is frozen and thawed several times, ours is not.)

This helps to assure the superior quality of our product from hoof to plate.

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