Sage Mountain Beef Ruminant Production Protocols

100% Green-Fed:

  • All Sage Mountain Beef ruminants are 100% green-fed.

Allowed feeds:

  • Raw mother cows milk, until weaning.
  • Perennial grasses, legumes, root vegetables (greens and roots), vines and fruits, growing in pasture.
  • Planted annual forages direct grazed in the field by livestock, as long as all other protocol requirements (i.e. no genetically modified feed) are met.
  • Molasses.
  • Any of the allowable feeds may be fed in conserved form (hay or silage), as long as all other requirements (i.e., no confinement) are adhered to.

Prohibited Feeds:

  • Grains (except when used as part of a nutritional supplement).
  • Genetically modified plants or organisms.
  • Animal and Fish by-products.

No Hormones and/or Artificial Growth Stimulants (all hormones and artificial growth stimulants are prohibited).

Free of Antibiotics:

  • Sub-therapeutic (in feed) antibiotics are prohibited.
  • Therapeutic (injected) antibiotics must only be used, if necessary, as a targeted application and the animal must have metabolized and be free of the antibiotic prior to slaughter.

Free-Range (Never Confined):

  • All livestock are free range at all times and at all stages of their life. In the case of very wet or otherwise inclement weather, when the well being of the land and the livestock require feeding, fed animals must always have access to pasture and approved feeds are used.


  • All livestock are from the Inland Empire Food-shed, within California.

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