Ground Beef Lover

Ground Beef Lover

40 lbs. of Sage Mountain Grass-Fed Ground Beef in 1 lb. vacuum sealed packages (fresh frozen).
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Probably the most versatile cut of Beef that we sell.

Our Sage Mountain Grass-Fed Ground Beef comes from locally pasture-raised Steers free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics. We believe that animals raised in fresh air and sunshine with room to roam produce the highest quality, best tasting meats. 

Sage Mountain Beef (Guernsey, Angus & Holstein) Steers are allowed to roam freely, graze on organic grasses and other forages, and drink pure water pumped from a 1,000 foot deep well. The quality of Sage Mountain Beef cannot be beat at any price.

To increase the tenderness, quality and flavor, our Grass-Fed Beef is dry aged under carefully controlled conditions for at least 14 - 21 days! Dry aging allows naturally occurring enzymes within the beef to tenderize it while it is intensifying the flavor. It is then vacuum packed and flash frozen to lock in the nutrition.