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Tired of questioning whether you can trust your food source? Ready to eliminate factory farm meats from your kitchen forever? Is it time to change how you eat and take control of your health? Remove the stress and start eating with confidence today!

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Trusted by Families

Best pork we have ever purchased. Even with a few hiccups Farmer Phil came through and made things more than right. We purchased a half hog and will be back for more! Great experience all around.
E. Plachte E. Plachte
This is a real, family run operation full of heart and soul :-) I love being part of their CSA membership, the produce is so fresh , of course organic, delicious, whereas half the stuff I buy in the grocery stores these days is already on its way to being no good or too old. I'm proud to support Sage Mountain Farm!
Angela M. Acosta (Warner Springs, California) Angela M. Acosta (Warner Springs, California)
We (family of four) are subscribers to their weekly CSA fruits and veggies box as well as monthly meat shares. Their produce is fresh, delicious, and the shares are very generous. Cheaper for me to enjoy local organic from Sage Mountain than to purchase non-organic from a grocery store. The beef, chickens, and pork are flavorful, well-packaged, and easy to use. The price is higher than grocery stores, but you get what you pay for: humanely raised, healthy, local meat. My family is willing to reduce our meat consumption in order to afford meat of this quality. Highly recommended.
Liz Moxon Jensen Liz Moxon Jensen
I've been a member of their CSA for over 6 years now, and can't say enough good things about them. The meat is absolutely delicious (our kids love the ground beef so much), and they have even expanded their offerings, so that now they offer beef, lamb, chicken, and pork. I never was a fan of pork chops growing up, but these are so tasty. Phil really is a great person, who tries really hard to keep his customers happy. I highly recommend this CSA.
David K (San Diego, California)
I rarely buy anything from regular supermarket any more.....I get my beef, pork, and veggies all from Sage Mountain. Best greens ever - love the collards, chard, kale. Always excited to get my CSA box and see what treats are in store for me!
Joyce Stone
Impressive place. Was a new experience for me. As I drove to the farm stand there on the property, I drove by rows and rows of produce on the ground ready to be cut. I'll be back weekly now!
Erika Herrmann (Anza, California) Erika Herrmann (Anza, California)
Splurged on a tomahawk steak for dinner for the family tonight - it was the most delicious piece of steak I have EVER had- totally worth it!!
Lisa R. Berolzheimer Lisa R. Berolzheimer
I bought a pack of there sausage links today and grilled them up tonight they were some of the best meats I have ever had!
Christopher Harris (Riverside, California) Christopher Harris (Riverside, California)

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

At Sage Mountain Farm, we know that the food you put into your body on a daily basis makes all the difference in quality of life. For that reason, our primary mission is to reconnect Southern Californians with their local food source.

More than ever, consumers are beginning to see the light with regard to food that is processed, factory farmed and infused with preservatives, and chemicals. This new awareness is bringing us back into a relationship with our food, the animals, the plants, the land where these are grown and raised, the farmers, and importantly, with each other.

At Sage Mountain Beef, we believe that animals raised in fresh air and sunshine with room to roam produce the highest quality, best tasting meats.

The native pastures of the Sage Mountain area are a perfect home for our livestock. The mild climate and rich soils support a variety of native grasses and vegetables cultivated organically upon which our livestock feed as they develop into healthy mature beef. Our cattle are raised on pasture their entire lives and drink fresh water from our artisan well. We only purchase and raise livestock that are guaranteed to be
free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics.

Let's Grow Together

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This farm is a labor of love and we couldn’t do it without our community & wonderful customers! At Sage Mountain Farm we feel a strong connection to you, our neighbors, and we enjoy looking out for Southern California’s healthy food needs. We know our customers are the most informed & confident eaters in the world! 

Thank you for supporting small farmers!

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