Pasture Raised Lamb

More coming soon! Thank you for your patience while we work to build our online store. We will be adding more options for our pasture-raised, fresh off the farm Lamb soon! Be sure to sign up and create a free account to get the latest updates! In the meantime, our pasture-raised lamb is still available for our Community Supported Agriculture (C.S.A.) members. As a C.S.A. member, you get to choose between Lamb, Heritage Pork, Grass-fed Beef and when available, Cervesa Beef & Chicken.

The Ranch Package

The Ranch Package includes grass-fed beef, lamb and Heritage pork (free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics) raised in fresh air and sunshine on our local small farm.

Whole Lamb

Average Lamb weighs between 37 - 55 pounds

Work From Home BEEF, PORK & LAMB Package

10LB Variety Package of Pasture-Raised Beef, Lamb and Heritage Pork free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics.

Work From Home LAMB Package

10LB Package of Pasture Raised Lamb free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics. Our lambs are raised organically and humanely on our sustainable small family farm in local Southern California.

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