Work From Home Grass-Fed BEEF, PORK & LAMB Package

Work From Home Grass-Fed BEEF, PORK & LAMB Package

10LB Variety Package of Pasture-Raised Beef, Lamb and Heritage Pork free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics.

A variety package of Pasture-Raised Beef, Lamb, and Heritage Pork. ($190 total price includes delivery fee)

Sage Mountain Steers (Charolais, Black Angus, Red Angus and Black & Red Angus cross), (Heritage) Pigs and lamb are pasture raised and free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics. Our animals are raised organically and humanely on our sustainable small family farm in local Southern California. Our steers and lamb are allowed to roam freely, graze on organic grasses and other forages, and drink pure spring water that flows up out of the ground or from our artesian well water, pumped from a 1,000 foot deep well.

The quality of Sage Mountain Livestock cannot be beat at any price. We believe that animals raised in fresh air and sunshine with room to roam produce the highest quality, best tasting meats.

We raise Heritage pork because it is incredibly juicy and has a fantastic flavor. It has gained a reputation as being the Kobe Beef of pork, which is to say that it marbles well and is very tender. The flavor of our pork is unlike what you find in stores.

At Sage Mountain Farm, our Heritage pigs are raised in dirt (not concrete like you get in the stores, restaurants, caterers and everywhere else you might eat Pork). Only small Farmers raise their Pigs on dirt and mud. Our pigs are never given antibiotics, hormones or other drugs that factory farms put into their feed. 

Our pigs enjoy thousands and thousands of pounds of organically grown vegetables from our local small farm that won't sell at the farmers markets, they also get all of the crop loss's, plant material and fruit. Our pigs also enjoy large amounts of avocados (culls that have a dent or bruise) and Beer mash (spent grains) from our local breweries. A sustainable farming alliance with other local small businesses so nothing goes to waste! The mash doesn't have to be hauled to the dump, it comes straight here and is high in protein. 

You will probably not find better quality meat out there!

*Recommend a cubic feet of freezer space for every 20lbs

Nutrition & Health Benefits Summary of Grass-fed Beef:

Grass-finished Beef is loaded with Omega 3's and is "a highly concentrated source of almost every nutrient that we need to survive", according to Healthline. 

Omega 3 is an essential nutrient for human growth, development and plays an important role in preventing and managing heart disease.

Omega 3 is called an "essential" fat because we need it to survive and something our body cannot make on its own. We have to get it from the foods we eat, and grass-fed beef has up to five times as much as grain-fed!

Overall, Healthline says that according to scientific research, grass-fed beef is "a highly concentrated source of almost every nutrient that we need to survive".

What more is there to say?