Work From Home Dorper LAMB Package (10lbs)

Work From Home Dorper LAMB Package (10lbs)

10LB Package of Pasture Raised Dorper Lamb free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics. Our lambs are raised organically and humanely on our sustainable small family farm in local Southern California.

A delicious package of pasture-raised, farm fresh lamb that includes a 10LBS variety of small roasts, chops, and other miscellaneous cuts. (price includes delivery fee)

We raise Dorper Sheep for their high-quality, prime tasting, mild, delicate and delicious lamb meat! Dorper sheep do not produce lanolin which gives wool lamb it’s gamey flavor. Dorper lamb can be prepared and cooked any way you would normally treat beef or comparable protein. We believe in keeping your ingredient list to a minimum as to preserve the integrity of the meat. It is certainly something to be desired! DORPER IS TO LAMB AS WAGYU IS TO BEEF.

Our lamb are raised on pasture and are free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics. Our lamb are allowed to roam freely, graze on organic grasses and other forages, and drink pure water pumped from a 1,000 foot deep well on our sustainable small family farm in local Southern California. 

Lamb is one of the most nutrient-rich meats! Rich in iron and loaded with immune-boosting zinc, just 3 ounces of lamb contains 4.4 mg zinc which is 30% of our daily value. Zinc is absolutely essential to optimal immune health, along with wound healing, DNA and protein synthesis, as well as growth and development in children. 

The quality of Sage Mountain Livestock cannot be beat at any price. We believe that animals raised in fresh air and sunshine with room to roam produce the highest quality, best tasting meats.


Our mission is to actively participate in the creation of a sustainable agrarian culture that restores, conserves, and maintains the productivity of our lands.

We practice a polyface approach to facilitate decisions about our pastures and processes that help to sustain the whole community.

We honor the understanding and application of processes whereby resources are managed to promote biological diversity and thus producing a healthy and vibrant landscape for all life.

This specialized view looks at the natural world as an interconnected whole (the web of life) rather than a collection of many different and separate parts. If we destroy the individual strands of this web, we will end up weakening and eventually destroying the web itself.

These principles also recognize that we as individuals and communities are a part of this great web, and that our survival depends on the webs integrity. 

With this in mind, we at Sage Mountain Beef strive to produce a healthy landscape where all forms of life are sustainable, generation after generation.