The Range Package

The Range Package

The Range Package includes grass-fed beef & Heritage pork
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The Range includes:

  • Beef 15lbs Mix of Ground beef, Roasts and Steaks
    Pork 13lbs Mix of Roasts, Chops, Sweet Italian Sausage and smoked Pork Belly

Our Sage Mountain Steers (Guernsey, Angus & Holstein) and (Heritage) Pigs are free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics. Our animals are raised organically and humanely on our sustainable small family farm in local Southern California. Our animals are allowed to roam freely, graze on organic grasses and other forages, and drink pure water pumped from a 1,000 foot deep well. 

The quality of Sage Mountain Livestock cannot be beat at any price. We believe that animals raised in fresh air and sunshine with room to roam produce the highest quality, best tasting meats.