Rustic French Sourdough Bread

Rustic French Sourdough Bread

Fresh Baked Bread from local baker: Goodness Grown!
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This old world, traditional loaf, is made locally with only 4 natural ingredients, using traditional methods, and naturally fermented sourdough starter. With a mild flavor of Sourdough, this Loaf is excellent used for sandwiches, French toast, or as a side for any delicious dish.

Fresh baked bread from a local baker in Idyllwild! Baked using only the highest quality ingredients, starting with organic stone milled flour, (fermented) yeast, salt & water! That’s it! No preservatives!

The Rustic Fresh Sourdough available at Sage Mountain Farm, takes 10 hours to prepare, half the time of regular sourdough fermentation, so they aren't as sour as the 24 hour sourdough. More like a Fresh Bread but with some good probiotics for your gut!

From our baker: “Hello! My name is Lorelei, and I am the owner and baker of Goodness Grown. Since a young child, I have always been passionate about baking, using natural ingredients, and creating my own recipes. As an adult, and a full time mom of 6 daughters, I believe in the importance of teaching where our food comes from, thriving off of All-natural ingredients, and growing our own food. I am an organic farmer, with a love for Regenerative permaculture, with a sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle. I pour love into all of my hand curated Artisan Breads, and am honored to share my passion with you. All of our breads are made with All-natural organic ingredients, using traditional methods hundreds of years old.”


Organic stone milled flour, (fermented) yeast, salt, water